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Capacity: * Up to 480 channels via DMX 512 * 16 multifunctional fixtures with up to 24 functions each * Control of 32, 48 or more fixtures with SC-extension units * 302 labelled pre-sets for all functions * 104 selective memories and 26 chases controlled by push buttons * 16 sequences with up to 99 steps and freely programmable times * 96 extra channels for additional dimmers or colour changers Ergonomics: * 40 memory and chaser buttons, partially controlled by 4 pages buttons * 16 sequence buttons * 5 freely programmable macro buttons * 3 X-fader and speed fader for sequence * Single and group buttons for unit selection * 8 brightness fader with flash button * Backlit LCD graphic display with soft-keys and encoder * Split encoders for coarse and fine adjustment * Sound input and key switch * 256 Kbytes cue card for backup of files * Transfers of files to PC via cue-card-reader (accessories) possible Common Features: * Set-up for different lamp types stored internally (free update service) * Continuous access on single scans or groups * Selective programming for free combination of memories and effects * X-fades automatically, timed or manually * Trigger point for switching effects selectable * Sequence step trigger by GO-button, sound input or timer * Single steps with individual wait-, fade-time and trigger point can be combined to form multipart steps Features of Movement Control: * 16 Pan/Tilt controls (8 or 16 Bit) * Control of movement by encoder, trackball or mouse * 44 pre-set positions to be recalled directly via buttons or by memories * Positions adaptable to new stage set-up by simple initialization * Free change between stage orientated calculation and DMX movement Electronic Data: * One Motorola 68020 and one 68008 CPU with coprocessor * Self-contained operating system (reset time less than 1 Sec.) * 40Hz DMX update rate with 512 channels * Perfect protection against radio interference (CE-norm) Synchronization: * Analogue and DMX 512 input assign able to any playback function * Sound-to-light effect and remote Go for triggering sequences * MIDI in, out, thru * Master slave mode with second unit or SC extension units * SMPTE synchronization Inputs and Outputs: * Periphery: keyboard, Atari compatible mouse or trackball * Inputs: sound, remote GO, SMPTE, analogue (+10 V), DMX 512, MIDI * Output: DMX 512, MIDI (master slave and synchronization) Weights and Dimensions: 483 x 488 x 140 mm / 11 kg

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